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In 2007, TASHA created the Hall of Fame to recognize outstanding individuals to the Breed and the State. In 2012, all three state charter clubs combined to form the Texas Saddlebred Hall of Fame to continue to provide this recognition. Continuing the tradition, in 2018 the remaining clubs in the state, NTASHA & TASHA, transitioned the presentations to the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.

Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Sandra Currier, 2018

  • Pete Galanos, 2017

  • Mike Breeggemann, 2017

  • Jean Huffstickler, 2016

  • Dale Milligan, 2016

  • Candee Carlson, 2015

  • Dan Mize, 2015

  • Bob Marco, 2014

  • Marty Alan Wernle, 2014

  • Jack McGill, 2013

  • Jim Bray, 2013

  • Don Roby, 2012

  • Lee Shipman, 2012

  • Lonnie Quarles, 2011

  • Jim Skipton, 2011

  • Beaulah & Elton Cates, 2010

  • Patty Milligan, 2009

  • Sue Roby, 2008

  • Dorothy Dukes Ford, 2008

  • Charlie Isom, 2007

  • Ed & Ada Perwien, 2007

Criteria for Inductees

The Texas Hall of Fame honors a person for his or her contributions to the Texas American Saddlebred industry and dedication to the improvement and promotion of the breed.

Nominations and Selection

Nominator must submit in writing a brief biography of the nominee and nominating member's opinion as to why this person should be inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame. More than one nominee may be submitted by the same nominating member.

Barring special circumstances (i.e., husband and wife team or another circumstance to be reviewed by the boards), only one deceased, and/or one living person will be inducted per year.

Nominations should be submitted to the current president of NTASHA or TASHA when invited (timing depends on the date of the award banquet). The full boards will coordinate the review and selection of the nominees.

Induction of Nominees will occur at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show during the Friday night Saddlebred performance session.